• Modified PE

    Modified PE

    Designed to meet the needs of students who are restricted from meeting the general requirements of the Roseville High School District curriculum for the core program PE classes. This course accommodates students who have moderate disabilities, long-term injury, recent surgery, exercise-induced asthma, no running or jumping, etc. Modified PE follows the core program curriculum as closely as the student's limitations will allow. May be repeated for credit.

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  • PE 9

    PE 9

    An introduction to various physical activities and sports. Instruction includes basic skills, rules, safety, etiquette, sportsmanship, care of equipment, and personal hygiene. Designed to introduce individual and dual sports through an instructional based program. Units taught will include, but not be limited to, badminton, tennis, archery, pickle ball, dance, swimming, and track. Emphasis will be placed on social skills, sportsmanship, respect, fitness awareness, conditioning and the importance of daily physical activity.

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  • Athletic PE

    Athletic PE

    Designed to assist today's student athletes in balancing the demands of athletics and academics. Meant for serious athletes who desire to improve their athletic and academic skills. Does not replace required PE 9 or 10. May be repeated for credit.

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  • Advanced Weight Training and Conditioning

    Advanced Weight Training and Conditioning

    Designed to provide an opportunity to develop proficiency and skill in Olympic Style weight training and to develop and enhance athletic ability through speed and agility training. This course is designed for the motivated student-athlete looking to advance beyond basic weight training and looking to perform at his/her highest athletic level. This course does not fulfill the PE 9 and 10 requirement. May be repeated for credit.

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  • Recreation Administration

    Recreation Administration

    Recreation Administration is a 10-unit course designed to teach students leadership, management, and organization skills through the creation and implementation of youth recreational activities. Through instruction via theory, direct instruction, guest lectures, and team building exercises, students will learn how social, emotional, and physical well-being is maintained through participation in a wide variety of recreation activities and sports. Students will learn instructional techniques as well as the specifics of popular community sports. They will design and direct intramural programs during lunch time and after school for the students of Woodcreek High School under direct supervision of the instructor. They will also undergo thorough training and certification in officiating, first aid, and CPR. Recommended students will then be placed into internships in educational settings or with local parks and recreation programs where they will operate more independently with teacher facilitation.

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  • PE 10

    PE 10

    A continuing experience with skills and knowledge gained in PE 9, as well as experience with additional physical education activities not previously taught. Designed to introduce students to various activities with an emphasis on team sports. Units taught will include, but not be limited to, swim, dance, volleyball, basketball, international games, softball, indoor games, and team building. Social skills, sportsmanship fitness principles and regular daily conditioning will continue to be taught,practiced and reinforced throughout this class.

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  • Adapted PE

    Adapted PE

    Designed to provide eligible disabled students the opportunity to participate in individualized physical education activities. Each student's program will be adapted to accommodate his/her individual needs and capabilities. May be repeated for credit. Referrals to the Team may be made through the school nurse, instructors, parents, or guidance counselor and may be activated by a referral from a physician.

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  • Advanced PE

    Advanced PE

    Designed to provide an opportunity to develop advanced physical education skills and knowledge. Activities may include volleyball, pickle ball, basketball, softball, soccer, and badminton. May be repeated for credit.

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  • Weight Training and Conditioning

    Weight Training and Conditioning

    Designed to provide the opportunity to develop high levels of fitness through involvement in weight training, running, calisthenics, and swimming. May be repeated for credit. Does not replace required PE 9 or 10. This course is open to male & female students.

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