• Student Government

    Student Government

    This course is for students elected or appointed to Student Government. Students develop leadership skills and an understanding of parliamentary procedure by planning, organizing, budgeting, and executing a variety of student activities throughout the year. Students have the opportunity to participate in retreats, meet with school and community leaders, and network with student leaders from other schools in California through conferences and trainings. Through these activities, members of Student Government directly impact the morale and spirit of all Woodcreek students while building relationships and memories that will last a lifetime. Students enrolled in this course are required to attend a variety of activities outside of the regular school schedule. This course does not meet the district social science graduation requirement. This course may be repeated for credit.

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  • Library Science 1, 2 and 3

    Library Science 1, 2 and 3

    Designed for students to complete a wide variety of tasks involved in the daily operation of the library. Students will also learn to locate information in both print and non-print sources. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to effectively use reference works and computer databases.

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  • Teacher Internship (T.I.)

    Teacher Internship (T.I.)

    Teacher Internship is designed for students who are interested in working collaboratively with a WHS teacher to provide instruction and small group and individual tutoring in an introductory level course.

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  • Adulthood 101

    Adulthood 101

    What do you need to know to take that first BIG STEP on your own? This class is designed to teach senior level students the practical skills necessary to survive independently while going to college or simply living on their own or with a roommate. Emphasis is placed on - but is not limited to - personal finance, goal setting, renting an apartment, buying a car, resume writing and job interviewing, health and wellness, and the responsibilities of citizenship.

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  • Yearbook


    This is a two-term advanced publications class. In developing the school yearbook, students will learn to design layout, produce photos and research/write for a publication. Students will be required to attend after-school events such a games, concerts and dances. This is a good class for students interested in careers in publications, graphic design and business. Enrollment is limited. Application is required. This course may be repeated for credits. Prerequisite: Grade of c or better in English classes.

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  • Leadership


    This course is for students interested in developing their leadership skills for Student Government, athletics, co-curricular activities, work experience and college preparation activities. Students will develop personal leadership skills, skills to lead others, and skills to communicate effectively in both a group dynamic and in one-on-one situations. Students will participate in the planning, organization and execution of a variety of student activities on campus. This course does not meet the district social science graduation requirement. This course may not be repeated for credit.

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  • Teacher Aide (T.A.)

    Teacher Aide (T.A.)

    Designed to provide students with the opportunity to assume an adult role in a supervised job experience. Emphasis will be on clerical work, paper correction, duplicating work, running errands, helping to maintain a clean and orderly environment, and checking in and out supplies. A maximum of ten credits may be applied toward graduation. Any violations of school rules may necessitate removal from this position. Teacher Aide is a Credit/No Credit class and is not included as part of a student's GPA calculation.

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  • Peer Helping

    Peer Helping

    Peer Helping is designed to teach the process of helping other students on campus. Students will enter into one-to-one helping relationships; assume leadership roles, advise, and tutor; engage in conflict management, team building and in other interpersonal helping roles. This course may be repeated for credit.

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  • Child Development

    Child Development

    This course is designed to offer students a step-by-step approach to the everyday care and teaching of young children as it pertains to their physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development. Students will gain an understanding of the childcare profession through a study of educational movements, curriculum development, nutrition, safety and positive guidance and discipline. They will also design healthy learning environments that complement the latest childcare approaches. Included is the Reality Baby simulator and field observations of local preschools, childcare centers or elementary classrooms. UC/CSU g-Elective (Pending)

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