• R o s e v i l l e  A d u l t  S c h o o l

    Our Vision

    The RAS Staff's Vision is for RAS to be a school:

    • Where staff actively engage their students in relevant experiences
    • Where adult students become confident, forward-thinking and ready for college, career and community leadership
    • Where welcoming staff focus on meeting the unique needs of adult learners in a safe and supportive learning enviornment

    Our Mission

    In order to reach our Vision, the RAS Staff will:

    • Honor the learning styles of our diverse student population to prepare them to navigate in a global society
    • Work collaboratively with regional colleges and training programs to facilitate students' transition to postsecondary education
    • Seek to provide targeted training to meet our students' employment needs and the demands of the regional labor market


    Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

    • Strengthen critical-thinking, academic and occupational skills
    • Transition to college & career
    • Obtain employment & increased earning potential