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Single Subject: Spanish Art Endorsement Standard Elementary:all subject K-8 ESL K-12 Spanish K-12 Diplomado en Profesorado de Educación General Basíca, especialidad/seccion Filología

Doña Marianne Schaffeld

All about Doña:  For me, teaching has been an evolving process.  I am not the same teacher that I was 30+ years ago.  I started my teaching career in the Basque region of Spain. I taught kindergarteners English as a foreign language. During my teaching career I have had a variety of experiences.  I have taught elementary, middle, and high school students and have guest lectured at a community college.  I have taught English and Spanish as a foreign language.  I have also taught all subjects K-12 for ELL: (English Language Learners.)

Along with being a teacher and an artist, I also love to travel. To me, teaching is like Art, something that doesn't have a simple definition or boundaries, and I always incorporate art in my classes. I incorporate what I learn during my traveling into my teaching as well as my Art.  I have seen many parts of the Spanish-speaking world. I have lived & studied in Mexico and in the Basque region of Spain, and I have traveled to several other countries in Europe as well.Traveling opened my eyes.  I am thankful that my high school teacher offered us that opportunity to travel. That is why I encourage my students to travel and to see the world. I have organized and led several student trips over the past 30+ years. These experiences in and outside the classroom are what define me as a teacher and an artist.

As a teacher I have devoted my career to molding young lives, and inspiring and encouraging them. As an artist I focus on my ethnicity, my Basqueness.  These experiences have taught me that we have the ability to make meaningful connections with individuals who contribute to our world in unique ways. The main goal I want to achieve in my teaching and with my Art, is that I want to leave a lasting impression on those who cross paths with me.  I want my stories, photographs, and my art to inspire others to make changes in their lives, to pursue their passions.

We are the stories we tell, and I hope you enjoyed mine.                                  

Doña Marianne Schaffeld (Uberuaga-Belaustegui)