• Common Core

    Adelante is moving forward - from the California state standards to the Common Core State Standards which have been adopted in 48 states nationwide.  Click on the following links for more information:

    Common Core English 

    District Curriculum

    The graduation core course requirements for Adelante students are the same as for all students in the district.  The only difference is the number of elective credits required.  Each student at Adelante must complete 220 credits within the required curriculum of the district and state. In addition, the district has developed standards related to the Essential Knowledge and Skills (below) that all students must possess prior to graduation from high school.


    RJUHSD Essential Knowledge and Skills (EKS)

    1. Basic Skills - Reads, writes, performs arithmetic and mathematical operations, listens and speaks, uses visual skills and technology.

    2. Thinking Skills - Visualizes, interprets, thinks creatively, reasons, solves problems and makes decisions.

    3. Personal Development - Displays responsibility, self-respect, integrity, honesty and perseverance.

    4. Use of Resources - Identifies, organizes, plans and allocates various resources.

    5. Interpersonal Relations - Works with others through participation on a team, develops and demonstrates leadership, provides services to clients/customers, works with diversity.

    6. Applications of Information - Acquires and uses information to solve problems, to work with others and to create new products or processes.

    7. Work with Systems - Identifies, describes and understands processes, roles and interrelationships.

    8. Applications of Technology - Uses a variety of technologies appropriately and ethically.