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Degrees and Certifications:

BA in History from UC San Diego with a minor in Political Science Teacher Credential from Sac State

Mr. Ryan Traughber

Born to an elementary school teacher, one could say that teaching has always in been in my blood. However, growing up for most of my life, most teachers who taught me as a child would probably not see that connection. I often made them work very hard for their money as I enjoyed pushing limits and giving my teachers a plethora of gray hairs. It was not until I reached high school that my path to teaching began to open up. That's because I was lucky to have a few AMAZING teachers who saw qualities and potential within me that I didn't see in myself. These few teachers made me find a love for learning that I never knew I had within me. These few teachers empowered me to realize I could do great things, and do great things for others. Because of their love, support, and life lessons, I turned around my limited academic interest, stopped (for the most part ;) my mischevious ways, and looked to eventually do what they so effectively did- TEACH.

Why does that matter you ask? Because I have lived through the lenz of the power of education. Those are the lessons I try to take with me into the classroom everyday as I teach. For the last 13 years of teaching, whenever someone asks what I teach, I will always say 'students' first. I worry about teaching students as people first, trying to build better habits, positive attitudes, great individual and group behaviors, while holding high expectations so that they may reach higher than they ever knew possible. That is what teachers in my life have done for me- they have pushed me, challenged me, molded me, and made me better- as a person first, and that is what I look to do as well in my classroom.

US History, and AP Human Geography, the two subjects I teach, just provide an awesome medium to help students become better. Learning lessons of the past and issues of the present allow our children to not only become enlightened citizens of our country and world at large, but also develop a number of critical thinking skills needed to be successful at the next levels of education and life in general. Furthermore, I find both subjects incredibly interesting, and am very passionate about passing on the knowledge within those subjects to students. I focus specifically on getting students to not just see themselves as passive observers of historical and current events, but rather as active participants who have an important say and ability to make changes in our local and global communities.

There's not much more to say. So I'll end with this. Ohana means family, and I hope to see you soon in my classroom as part of my educational ohana.

-Ryan Traughber