•  Welcome to Adelante High School!

    If you are new to the area, we will do everything we can to make your enrollment process go smoothly. Please call our office at (916) 782-3155, Ext. 1600 to make an enrollment appointment. The enrollment interview takes approximately 30 minutes. It is necessary for both the student and one parent or guardian to be present. Please be prepared to have your photo taken at your enrollment appointment for an ID card.  

     Enrollment Information and Forms:  Log onto www.rjuhsd.us and click on "Enrollment" on the left side of the page.  Follow the instructions to begin the enrollment process prior to your enrollment appointment. 

     What you need to bring with you:

    • A copy of your transcript.

    • A copy of your immunization records.

    • Two documents that provide proof of residence, such as a PG&E bill and a rental contract. These documents must show your current address.

    Your current school will be able to provide you with the first two documents. Don't forget to let them know you are withdrawing, and be sure to turn in all books that you have. Please call the Registrar's office at (916) 782-3155 Ext. 1601 if you have any questions.