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Degrees and Certifications:

DEGREES MA Education Management University of LaVerne BA Journalism Sacramento State University CERTIFICATION CJE Journalism Education Association

Pete LeBlanc

I advise the Titanium Yearbook, Titan Times the Magazine, and the Channel 5 Titan TV News here at Antelope High School. I am always looking for highly motivated students who excel in an independent, project-based learning environment. Past students here have produced some of the top scholastic publications in the country. We want to continue that tradition.

Journalism is a subject that I hold very close to my heart. After working eight years professionally in the field and another 31 as a yearbook/newspaper/media adviser, I hope to share with students what I have learned. These are skills you can develop here and immediately as a member of our yearbook, magazine and TV news staffs. One of our program's best assets, I believe, is the ability to see your work published; there is a real-world end product with all the associated consequences, both good and bad. Through journalism, even if in just a small way, we have the ability to change the world for the better. In addition to 21st century journalism skills that will help you in all facets of your future lives, you will develop self-discipline and problem-solving skills all while working in a collaborative work environment desired by many employers in today's world. And if you open yourself up to this experience and commit to it, you will have a blast. That doesn't mean it will be easy.

The courses I teach are designed to produce Antelope High School’s Titanium yearbook, Titan Times the Magazine and Channel 5 Titan TV News. The emphasis of the class is to learn all facets of journalism while producing the coolest, most fun and innovative publications in the country. And in the process, I hope students become self-directed learners and productive citizens. The first five to six weeks of the semester will be dedicated to teaching basic journalism skills. The class will have an academic feel during this time. Once the beginning skills have been completed, we will move into production as S206 will become more like a work environment than an academic classroom. To students, don’t be afraid to get on the bus and join us.

2022-23 Fall Semester Schedule

2nd Period Advanced Journalism (Titan Times the Magazine)

2nd Period Advanced Yearbook (Titanium)

2nd Period Advanced Broadcast Journalism (Channel 5 Titan TV)

3rd Period Beginning Broadcast Journalism

4th Period Beginning Yearbook