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Degrees and Certifications:

A.A. degree in Business Administration Sierra College B.S. Business Administration with a concentration in Finance CSU Sacramento M.B.A. Human Resources CSU Scramento M.T.S. Golden Gate Theological Seminary

Mr. Timmothy Broz

I started teaching Math in 2009 at Inderkum High school.  In 2014 I continued my career at Oakmont High School.  During my career, I have coached baseball and golf as well as being the class advisor for the class of 2018.  

Before teaching, I had an extensive career in the field of Finance.  While working at one of the large banks and taking night classes for my graduate work, I was posed a life changing question.  In my Organization Behvoiral Management class, the professor argued that most people hate thier jobs and only work for money.  The first question that was posed to the class was, "If you had all the money that you could ever want, would you still keep the job you have?"  I realized that while I was a very high producer in finance, I did not enjoy it or feel fulfilled.  Before the professor could ask his follow up question, I already was answering it.  He asked, "If you would not keep your job, what would you do?"  I wanted to work with teenagers.  I love that age group and feel fulfilled helping young people reach thier dreams.