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Degrees and Certifications:

-B.A. in French, Minor in Canadian Studies from CSU, Chico -Lived and studied at L’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivères in Québec, Canada -Single Subject California Professional Teaching Credential Program at CSU, Chico. -Clad Certificated -Five years of leadership service for the Northern California Foreign Language Project, a branch of the California Subject Matter Project -Two years of leadership service for the Capital Foreign language Project -Member of ACTFL - American Council for the teaching of Foreign Languages -Member of AATF - American Association of Teachers of French -Member of CLTA - California Language Teachers' Association

Susan Hoffman Wells [Madame]

I have had the pleasure of teaching French language and culture classes at Roseville High School since 1995. There are many great reasons to study the French language and learn about the culture of the French-speaking world. 

  • Studying French will help to expand a student's understanding of the global world in which we live. French is the official language of many countries in the world, spoken by people spanning across five continents of the world. Many companies in the US and around the world need workers that have knowledge of the French language and culture. 
  • French, like English, is a diplomatic language and continues to be an official language used by the United Nations, the Olympics, the Red Cross and many other international organizations.  Interacting with someone who speaks French is possible no matter where one is in the world. I often share stories with my students about my own university experiences attending an immersion program at the University of Quebec in Canada.  There were students there from all over the world studying French.  I had several Japanese classmates and I couldn't speak Japanese and they couldn't speak English, so French was our language of communication! Le français! C'est bon!
  • Studying French helps to expand a student's English vocabulary, since many English words are of French origin. 
  • For students who speak Spanish, learning French is a great language to learn, since there are many similarities between Spanish and French.
  • One of the best reasons to learn any language is to help the brain. People who speak more than one language have better memory, problem-solving, critical-thinking, concentration, listening and multitasking skills.  

Besides teaching French, I am the French Club Advisor.  I am also the World Language Department Coordinator for Roseville High School. 


Courses offered in the Fall 2023:  

          French 1

          French 3

Courses offered in the Spring 2024:  

          French 2

          French 4

          French AP