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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Pilar Steiner

Hello and Welcome to the Roseville High School Dance Department!  My name is Pilar Steiner.  I am the Director of Dance here at Roseville High School and teach the following classes: 

 Beginning Dance (Dance 1)

Intermediate Dance (Dance 2)

Intermediate/Advanced Dance (Dance 3)

Advanced Dance (Dance 4)


My Past:

I graduated from Roseville High School in 1992 and was a part of Roseville High School's Dancin' Feet, Feat Fete under the direction of Patti Baker.  I was Captain of the Roseville High School Dance Team 1990-91.  Out of High School I was named California Art Scholar (awarded Governor's Medallion) and was accepted to California Institute for the Arts summer dance intensive.  UCLA got wind of my attendance at CSSSA and sent a recruitment letter for their dance department.  I was already one semester in at Sierra College so UCLA said, "We will see you in your junior year for auditions."  And......that's what I did.  I did what parents cringe about:  I went to UCLA for "DANCE ARTS"......Well......"What can you do with that degree in Dance?"  The answer was "I had no idea."  I was the first person in my family to attend college and I decided to double major in Psychology. I graduated in 1998 from UCLA with the dance degree and a lot of coursework in Psychology -- haha.  (I wanted out of LA!).  I came back to Northern California and held a multitude of colorful jobs:  Infant Caregiver (KinderCare), Case Manager on a Folsom Juvenile Delinquency project, lifeguard, swim instructor, I managed the Folsom Aquatics Center for 3 years when it was built, and one of my all time favorite jobs that I liked to make my students aware of.......I worked as a Deputy Probation Assistant for Sac County Probation (Work Project and Juvenile Hall). 

My Present

And now here I am.  Full Circle.  It was great to come back to RHS in 2006 to substitute teach, and even better to pick up a Health Science Credential plus Masters Degree in Cross Cultural Teaching (2008).  When I got this job, it was extremely fulfilling to know that I would be utilizing my dance degree and spending time helping the adolescent population grow and learn.  I am happy to be serving your children and making high school as fun as it was when I attended. 

When I'm not working:

I am swimming, hiking, jogging and working in my rose garden in my front yard (I have 30 species in total).  I also manage, regulate, and help grow my own teenager at home.  My daughter Ellie graduated Roseville High School December 2020.  Tiger Tradition!  I also have Twins (Julian and Charlotte) born May 2021!  Future Tigers!

Other involvement at RHS:

 I chaperone most school dances.  I have been a Yosemite Chaperone for our RHS trip since 2009!  I also kill it when it come to RHS dress up days/spirit week!

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger,

Pilar Steiner