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Degrees and Certifications:

Biological Sciences University of California Davis, 1989 California Clear Credential Biology, Chemistry California State University Sacramento, 1993

Robert Mahlman


Teacher Bio

In the Science Department since 1997, teaching Biology, Chemistry and AP Chemistry. Served on the School Site Council, advised RHS Medical Club, Science Olympiad Coach, BEST(Business, Education, Science and Technology) Club Advisor, chaperoned the Yosemite Trip and coached Freshman Football. Go Tigers!




Students use laboratory work of an investigatory nature, to learn the principles of biological science in order to meet graduation requirements and prepare for college entrance. All content presented to the class is in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards for Life Science.



Designed to provide college-preparatory students with a mathematical and laboratory oriented instruction in basic chemistry. Chemistry includes a thorough survey of the classification and interaction of matter, atomic theory, phase changes, bonding, acid/base reactions, stoichiometry and an introduction to organic chemistry.


AP Chemistry

Advanced Placement Chemistry is a college level chemistry course designed to meet the requirement of the AP curriculum as defined by the College Board. The course will focus on the 6 Big Ideas as described in the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework, chemical calculations and concepts, problem solving and hands-on laboratory work.


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