Dave Nelson

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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters of Science in Brain-Based Teaching Bachelors of Science in Environmental Technology

Dave Nelson

* Updated 5/23 * DISTANCE LEARNING *

Final Exam: Alien project Flipgrid.

Project:  Each day you are to complete certain slides.  At the bottom of each slide is where you find the information.  I am doing optional tutoring on the project Monday-Thursday 12:30-1:00.  Use the link in the calendar each day for tutoring.

Make sure to do the assignments and the attendance form each day.

You must pass the quiz with a C (70%) or higher for it to count for that day.  Unlimited retakes on quizzes and tests done on ngsstests.com.  The online quizzes are WORK and are graded as pass or fail.  The online tests are TESTS and graded based on the highest score earned. Illuminate are TESTS and there are no retakes.

New Grading Policy: C = 50% - 69%, B = 70%-85%, A = 86%-100%  

Late Work: Last day to turn in late work is Thursday May 28th.  The highest score earned is 50% for any late work, which is now a C.  If you have earned a grade lower than C or zero on any assignment, you can make it up / retake it to raise your score up to a C.  Please send me an email when you make up something.

Extra Credit: Your online participation on ngsstests.com will be worth extra credit.


Online Homework (Teacher's ID = nelson)

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