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    May 28, 2020

    Hello families and students, 

    We made it! We made it through the last day of school and even though our summer break has started, there are still many questions swirling around. As information changes, be sure to stay current on the latest updates from our state here and our district here.  

    If you have any questions of your own, please email them to communication@rjuhsd.us and we may add to them to our weekly FAQ. 

    1. Will there be additional opportunities for students to make up any courses or credits this summer?

    Yes, there will be various ways for students to make up courses or credits this summer.

    The district’s credit recovery summer program will take place at Independence High School through distance learning from June 8-July 16, 2020. Students need to have their counselor enroll them, and space is limited.

    There will also be a separate opportunity for eligible juniors and seniors to remediate work through distance learning the week of June 1st-5th, for credit only (not a grade). Each school will be managing this short term Tier II support for designated 11th and 12th grade classes only. At the end of this time, if students still have not earned credit for the course, they will be encouraged to enroll in an expedited and specialized Tier III support class that will run from June 15th-June 26th.


    2. When will you determine if school will begin in-person or online?

    School will start Monday, August 10, 2020. We plan to work closely with our families and the Placer County Office of Education and local health officials to formulate appropriate plans to ensure we open in accordance with state and county guidelines. A general outline will be provided at the June 9, 2020 Board Meeting. 


    3. If schools are reopened, will there be a distance learning option for high risk, vulnerable or concerned students and families?

    We are confident that distance learning will be utilized next year in some situations, so we’ve asked staff to begin planning for how they intend to utilize distance learning at the beginning of the year. Details will be forthcoming as soon as we determine the best solutions to address each situation. 


    4. What were the results of the parent survey from last week that asked about the comfort level of sending students back to school?

    Last week, we emailed a survey to families to gather input about sending students to school in August. Of the 10,000+ students, we received 3,700 responses. Those responses indicated 71% of parents felt comfortable sending their students to school, about 15% preferred a hybrid model of both distance and in-person learning, and about 10% preferred their child engage in distance learning.


    5. When will a determination be made in regards to an in-person graduation at the Grounds on July 28 & 29?

    We plan to make that decision in late June based upon state guidelines and input from our school communities. We expect our board to discuss and make a decision at the June 23, 2020 Board Meeting. 

Wellness Tips

  • Week 8 YogaCalm

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  • Week 6 YogaCalm

  • Week 5 YogaCalm

  • Week 4 YogaCalm

  • Week 3 YogaCalm

  • Week 2 YogaCalm

  • Maintaining Social and Emotional Connection

  • Week 1 YogaCalm

School Meals

  • The Roseville Joint Union High School District is committed to serving nutritious meals through summer break.  To that end, we have received a waiver from the State of California that allows us to provide free breakfast and lunch to ALL STUDENTS (age of 18 years and younger) in our district.  We will continue to serve to-go style meals to students from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the following school locations:

    • Antelope High School
    • Granite Bay High School
    • Oakmont High School
    • Roseville HIgh School
    • Woodcreek High School

    We will have drive-up and walk-up options. Meals will include lunch, in addition to a breakfast for the next day. 

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