What and Who

  • Some Adobe apps don't require a powerful Desktop Computer anymore. Now with a Smartphone (Android or iOS), tablet or Chromebook you can install and run some of Adobe's most well known apps. This is great for teachers who are looking to work on projects at home or around the classroom without being tied down to their computer, but it's also great for students who may not have a Personal Computer at home, but do have one of our district issued Chromebooks. Some of these apps don't even require an Adobe account or have a cost.

    • Staff and Teachers
    • Students 
    • Parents

  • 1.Click the  icon in the Chrome OS app drawer to open Google Play Store.
    2.Search for the Adobe app you want to install; for example, Photoshop Express or Lightroom for mobile.

    3. Click Install.


    4. Launch the app by clicking Open. You can also click the Start icon to search for the app and launch it.



Last Modified on August 6, 2020