Antelope High Student Technology Support

  • Student Technology Helpline: (916) 462-9511

    Student Technology Email Help:

    Click link for Helpful Technology Tips

    Zoom App Sign-in Tutorial


    Are you having problems with your *Chromebook or Charger?  

    Please complete the following repair form Distance Learning Chromebook Repair Form (click here)  to schedule a day to bring your Chromebook and/or charger to campus for repair. You will be given a loaner Chromebook to use until your Chromebook has been repaired. Once your Chromebook is repaired, you will be notified by email.



    *If you are only having problems with your password, then please email Mrs. Scuka at or Mrs. McCoy at to have your password reset. Please include your first and last name, student ID number, and your grade level. You do not need to complete a repair form to have your password reset.


    Are you having problems loading pages on your Chromebook? 

    Try these troubleshooting tips below:

    1. Clear your cookies and cached images. Click here for instructions.

    2. Make sure you don't have too many devices and/or hotspots connected to your home WiFi at the same time. You could be overloading your capacity. Try connecting as the only device to test this out. 

    3. If none of these tips work, please fill out the Chromebook repair form above.

                                                                                                       (This is information from our school library page) 


Teacher Technology Support

  • Steps for Teacher Technical Support


    A. Learning and training. See if you are able to seek tutorial training for particular platforms:

            1. District Tech Cafe

            2. Learn from Colleagues 

            3. Zoom Tutorials 

            4. Chromebook Use 

            5. Various Teaching Tools and Sites  (Quizlet, Pear, Canva, Screencastify, etc...) 

            6. Check our Antelope Tech Updates 


     B. Device problem, internet connection, printer, instructional technology questions, etc... 

          1. Send email to (For Teachers Only, CC Dr. Gayle if crucial need) 

          2. If you do not hear from helpdesk in after 2 days, email Dr. Gayle for additional support 




Last Modified on September 8, 2020