Dr. Marlon Gayle - Assistant Principal

Dr. Gayle, wife, and children
  • Hello Everyone! 

    I am so blessed to be a Titan! As I was told from day one, Antelope is a special place. I believe that! My wife and I, have been married for 13 years. We have two small children and love doing outdoor activities with them. In my spare time, I love traveling to different countries, especially India, where I lived for 3.5 years. I speak a little Hindi and a South Indian language called Telugu. 

    Today, we are living and working during times of transition, change, and uncertainty of what tomorrow's path might look like in the world of education. I am optimistic that we can support and learn from one another, adapt, and create new ways to collaborate and grow from our collective experiences to lead our students and communities into the future. 

    Right now we have this opportunity to rise up and show our students that they are still special and that we are going to not only survive but thrive during these times. Like Superintendent Jess Borjon stated, “There is hope, and that hope starts with us.” 

    I promise to use my abilities, talents, and skills to serve our Antelope family (students, staff, parents, community) with everything that I've got.  I respect the hard work and time that all of our family members have already put into making Antelope High the success that it is today. 

    I am here to support, listen, build, and help fortify our hope.  We have to walk into this ever-changing world and be ready to fight together for what our future will look like for our schools, our communities, and our own families. I am a Titan!


    Dr. Gayle 

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