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    Identifying misinformation and evaluating sources are must-have skills in our digital society. In today's world, where we are overwhelmed with information, we must learn how to critically think and use a critical eye when viewing, reading, and taking in information.

    We must be informationally and digitally literate!

    Must-Have Skills:

    1. Be aware of your emotions and pause before sharing or taking information at face value.

    2. Evaluate posts and information for evidence.

    3. Ask critical questions about the information or image like who is the source and are they credible?

    4. Read laterally, practice click restraint, and verify what you are reading; even from the fact checkers.

    5. Conduct reverse image searches.

    reverse image search icon search google for image menu

    6. Use credibility tools like TinEye, NewsGuard, InVid, and other Fact Checking apps to help you.


    Go to the following Google Site - Under Construction! to learn more and practice your literacy skills!

    You can also check out the Navigating Digital Information Crash Course Playlist by John Green.