• ChromeOS Allow Access to Webcam and Mic

    You may find that when you are trying to video conference your mic or webcam on a website isn't working, try these steps first before putting in a work order. 


    • On some website, Google Meets in the this case, you may notice a settings icon on the website itself. Settings Gear Icon
      • Click the settings gear and note the pop-up that appears, it has two tabs
      • Audio, allows you to select which speakers it is using and which microphone it is accessing
        •  Google Meets website settings
      • Video, which allows you to select which webcam it is using (if you have additional webcams installed)
        • Google Meets settings for video/webcam access
    • If the website itself has no settings or you still aren't seeing your webcam or getting mic or sound try these steps
    • The Omnibar (URL Bar) on the right side in some cases may have a Camera glyph (Camera Omnibar Glyph ) that you can click for an additional drop-down menu. 
      • Chrome website mic/webcam access menu
      • Make sure you are allowing the website access to your hardware.
      • If you have multiple webcams you would use this drop-down to select which camera the website uses. 
    • If neither of these areas have resolved your webcam or mic issue then try the lock glyph next to the webaddress. 

             Chrome Omnibar Lock Glyph

    • Click the lock glyph to access an additional popup menu.
      • Chrome lock glyph drop down menu.
    • Make sure that Camera and Microphone are set to allow. If you don't see those options you may have to check under "Site Settings" at the bottom of the drop down menu. 

    Chrome gif for webcam and mic settings



Last Modified on April 27, 2020