• May 18, 2020:

    Distance Learning Parent Engagement Session Topic: Social Media tips & Parent Support Panel w/ Q&A. Click here to view presentation. 


    Monday, May 18th at 8:30am or 5:30pm. The 5:30pm session will be offered in both Spanish and English. Please register using the Eventbrite links below which will send you the zoom meeting link. Sign up here: bit.ly/RJUHSDPE0518.  Espanol eventbrite link: bit.ly/RJUHSDEspPE 

    Need help registering? View the how to video if you need some assistance registering:  bit.ly/HowtoReg


    May 11, 2020:

    Distance Learning Parent Engagement Session Topic: MOTIVATION tips for your student to finish the school year strong Click here to view presentation


    May 4, 2020

    Our first Distance Learning Parent Engagement Session Topic: Compassion, Stress/Anxiety. Time Management and Tech Tips Click here to view presentation.


    April 20, 2020

    Distance Learning Grading Guidelines

    In response to the extended statewide shelter in place, the Roseville Joint Union High School District has determined that students will continue distance learning through the end of the school year, May 28, 2020.  

    The administration and staff of the Roseville Joint Union High School District understand that distance learning creates many challenges for families.  Because students’ futures are so important, the District shall strive to provide students the opportunity to continue to develop college and career readiness skills.  

    Over the past few weeks, concerns have been expressed about how grades will be assigned during distance learning. Roseville Joint Union High School realizes these concerns have caused anxiety and want to ensure all students are supported academically, socially and emotionally. Therefore, families may choose to receive letter grades or choose the Credit/No Credit option for each course in the fourth quarter.  Families have up until May 27th to decide.

    Teachers have been working tirelessly to ensure students are prepared for next year during this transition to distance learning.  For questions about course expectations, please email teachers directly. For questions about college eligibility, please email guidance counselors.


    Guiding Principles:

    • According to the California Department of Education, districts must ensure grading policies during distance learning hold students harmless for their spring grades.

    • RJUHSD agrees with the “do no harm” motto for students, both academically and for the social-emotional well-being of all students.

    • RJUHSD will continue to teach, motivate, inspire and help all students. 

    • RJUHSD will be as flexible as possible in every way.


    Grading Choice:

    • All RJUHSD students and families have the option to choose either a letter grade or credit/no credit for each course enrolled according to the guidelines below. 

    • Please complete the digital form here by May 27th. The form is also located on our district website. 

    • Teachers will be adjusting gradebooks this week to meet the new grading guidelines. 


    What are the two grading options? 

      • Option #1: Letter Grades: A, B, C, NM (No Mark) with the following percentages:

        • A: 100% to 86%

        • B: 85% to 70%

        • C: 69% to 50%

        • NM: 49% and below


    • Option #2:  Credit/No Credit:  A credit would be earned for 50% and higher.


    What is the impact on GPA?

    • Letter Grades: A-C grades will impact GPA, depending upon which courses students are enrolled in. There is no GPA calculation for a No Mark

    • Credit/No-Credit: Credit or No-Credit grades will not impact GPA. A No Credit is calculated as an F for athletic eligibility. 


    Is there a GPA calculation for a No Mark?

    • There is no GPA calculation for a No Mark. No Marks do not earn credits toward graduation. No Marks not resolved by January 1, 2021 will become No-Credit. 


    Can seniors withdraw from a fourth quarter course?

    • Seniors may request to withdraw from courses that are not needed for graduation, with no effect on their GPA. This is subject to counselor and school administration approval to ensure all graduation requirements are still being met. This applies only to Spring 2020, fourth quarter courses. TA, TI can be included in these requests. This process must be done by May 4, 2020. Requests made after this date will not be considered.

    • The link to the request form is here.


    What is the policy for late or missing assignments?

    • Late and missing assignments will be accepted until May 20th. 

    What is the impact on college admissions? (From CDE website):

    • Letter Grades: Unknown at this time

    • CR/NC: The university systems are willing to accept credit/no credit grades in lieu of letter grades for all courses, including A–G courses, completed in winter/spring/summer 2020 for all students. Grades of credit/no credit will not affect the UC or CSU calculations of GPA. In addition, the universities have identified a range of other flexibilities they will offer to support students’ access to college during this time. Please see the joint statement between the colleges, universities, State Board of Education and the Department of Education. For more specific information from each of the colleges and universities please see below links: