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    How to Create Your Perfect College List

    Identify the right schools to meet your academic, financial, and lifestyle goals

    Please note:  This guide/website has some very useful information but please note there is a solicitation for a paid service that you do NOT need to take advantage of to utilize the information on the website.


    So you are looking at Colleges...

    What should you consider?

    1.  Geography

    • Do you want to stay close to home or go farther away?
    • Do you want to be in a particular state, city or general location?
    • What type of climate do you want?
    • What kind of geography, scenery, or landscape do you want?  City or mountains or beach.  Urban or rural?

    2.  School Culture

    • What size school do you want to attend?  Small (less than 500 students), Medium (between 5000 and 15,000 students) or Large (over 15,000 students)
    • Are athletics important to you?
    • Do you want a school with a lot of school pride and sporting events?
    • CLubs and activities?
    • Greek life?
    • Housing?
    • Diversity, community service, social life?

    3.  Academics

    • What academic program(s) are you interested in?
    • High level or academics?
    • Do you want to enroll in an honors program?
    • So you want to study abroad?

    4.  Financial

    • What can you afford?
    • Should you consider community college for the first 2 years?
    • What financial aid packages are potentially available?

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