• Setting up a meeting on Zoom.us website (Not the Windows App): 


    • First sign in to Zoom through their website https://zoom.us/
      • Click "Sign In" in upper right corner
      • Use "Sign in with Google" option

    Zoom website and logging in using Sign in with Google

    • After sign in look for the "Meetings" tab in the left bar. 
    •  Select "Schedule a new meeting."
      • Insert Topic
      • Fill out description 
      • select date & time
      • select length of meeting
      • Generate meeting ID automatically
      • Meeting password is required (for security purposes DO NOT change this)
      • select whether host and participant video is on or off
        • Note: as host you can always turn on your video and allow others to turn on their video during the meeting at a later point
      • Meeting Options:
        • For maximum security DO NOT enable join before host
          • This will show participants a "host has not started meeting" pop-up if they sign in before the start of the meeting
        • Mute Participants on Entry 
          • This does as described and will not allow users to talk until the host has un-muted them in the "Manage Participants" bar.
        • Enable waiting room
          • As host you will need to allow them in by starting the meeting and checking your "Manage Participants" bar.
        • Only Authenticated users can join.
          • Do not disable this setting, it brings up an additional option of "Add watermark that identifies the viewing participant" so that their name cannot be changed from their email settings.
    •  Click "Save" at the bottom once done.

    Scheduling a new meeting on Zoom.us website.

    You can add the event to your calendar from here & invite participants from either the invitation or by adding them to the calendar event.





Last Modified on April 13, 2020