• Zoom App Sign-in on ChromeOS:

    For all of your meetings that you host you will need to be signed in to the app. If you try and start it as joining a meeting it won't make you host. 


    • To sign in go to your app launcher, the Circle icon in the bottom left. 
    • Expand the App Launcher or search for Zoom.
    • Once the app opens click "Sign in"
      • Do not type in your district email and password.
    •  Use "Sign in with Google"
      • Since you are logged in on a Chromebook your account should automatically show.
    • Select your Google Account (or use another if you need)
    • You are now signed in, from here you can properly start hosting a meeting or join up for meetings that require "Authenticated Users."


    ChromeOS Zoom app sign in.

Last Modified on April 13, 2020