We are here to help with all of your IT needs. Generating a support request is quick and easy! Our staff is available from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm daily. You can contact us via any internal phone at extension 1234. In addition, you can generate a support request simply by emailing help@rjuhsd.us or by utilizing the help-desk portal.

  • Here in the Technology Services Department, the support of our students, teachers, and staff is paramount.  We aim to ensure that everyone has the tools and resources necessary to accomplish our shared goals to Ignite, Inspire, and Prepare all students. To achieve these goals, we need your help, so please report all issues, large and small, via our RJUHSD Technology Services Support Services Web Portal.


    Some of the items we can assist with are classroom workstations, laptops, staff Chromebooks, printers, TVs, projectors, network connectivity, Wifi access, Aeries support, internet service, content filtering (both block and unblock requests), web content, website editing, user account access, phones, and much more.  


    Our primary goal is to ensure your equipment and connectivity are ready when needed. We WANT to hear from you! 


    Submitting a support request is fast and easy. 


    The quickest way to submit a request is via your district email


    1. Open your RJUHSD Gmail.

    2. Select Compose.

    3. Enter help@rjuhsd.us in the To field.

    4. Enter a subject that briefly describes your support request.

    5. In the message body, describe your request as detailed as possible.  Some things to remember:

      1. Whenever possible, keep support requests separate.  Often folks will have a list of items they’d like to have completed that aren’t necessarily related.  These items may be supported by different IT or District staff and be accomplished at different times (some things may be a quick fix while others may require additional time). To streamline your experience, separating requests is best.

      2. Don’t forget the who, what, when, and where.  Especially when reporting internet or other service interruptions, they can assist in quickly identifying and resolving your request. 

      3. Submit your requests directly(whenever possible.  We love hearing from everyone, but receiving support requests from the person directly experiencing the problem helps us expedite your service and gives us the correct point of contact in the event we need additional information.

      4. Provide valid contact information and classroom availability. To help us work around your schedule, it’s beneficial to know the schedule in which we can access your room without causing interruptions to your curriculum. If you don’t mind a support representative in your room while students are present, reference that in your support request.  Having that availability may result in faster service.  In addition, if you’d like us to contact you via a number that isn’t your assigned phone extension, please reference that to help streamline communication. 

    6. Press the blue Send button.  

    7. That’s it!  You’ve submitted your request, which is now in the Freshdesk work order system.  It can be viewed by the entire IT Services staff and routed to the appropriate support representative.  All communications about your request, regardless of the IT staff member, will be logged and viewable to help us provide the best service possible. 


    For more advanced information, access the Freshdesk web portal.  This will allow you to create support requests and communicate with IT personnel directly, read notes about your service request, and view up-to-date status information.


    1. Open your Google Chrome web browser.

    2. Select the Google “waffle,” otherwise known as “Google Apps” Launcher.

    3. Select the green “Freshdesk” app.

    4. If prompted, select the Login using Google button.

    5. You’re now ready to access all of your support requests and make new ones if needed.


    Alternate instructions for accessing the web portal:


    1. Open any web browser.

    2. Navigate to https://rjuhsd.freshdesk.com/support/login.

    3. On the right-hand side of the screen, under “...or login using” select the Google button.

    4. You may be prompted to log in to Google services at this point.

    5. You’re now ready to access the Freshdesk support system


    Note: As always, feel free to call our Helpdesk support line at extension x1234 (available from any internal phone) to speak with a Technology Services representative. Please remember that a single staff member usually monitors this line; if you call and it goes to voicemail, they’re likely helping another RJUHSD staff member. Leave a voicemail, and someone from the IT Department will be in touch.

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    Click to submit a ticket
    You can log into our Freshdesk ticketing system to generate and track technology requests here rjuhsd.freshdesk.com. From the homepage select Login, then select Login using Google. From there you can utilize your district-provided Google account to log in.
  •      Click to email help@rjuhsd.us


     email help@rjuhsd.us

    When you email help@rjuhsd.us, a ticket is automatically generated in the Freshdesk ticketing system using your district email credentials.  Once created, your ticket will be assigned to the appropriate technology representative to assist you in your request. 

  •       Phone Support


               Phone Support

    IT staff are available to assist with all of your technology needs.  

    Support                    Extension

    General IT Support     1234 

    Aeries Support           1250 

    Purchasing                 1221


Last Modified on August 31, 2022