• FDA Authorizes a Second Artificial Pancreas System

    In-depth on Tandem’s Advanced Hybrid Closed-Loop System

    Tandem’s FDA-approved Control IQ system is a major improvement over other loop systems and is expected to hit the market in early 2020


    Dexcom G6


    In a win for all people with type 1 diabetes (even those who won’t directly benefit from this closed-loop system), the FDA has approved Tandem’s new Control IQ software for release in 2020.

    This new automated glycemic control algorithm is just the second hybrid closed-loop system available to patients with an FDA clearance. And it promises tighter control, easier usability, and more customization than the current 670g automated system from Medtronic.


    New Hybrid Closed Loop Technology

    Artificial Pancreas System

  • FDA Approves Potentially Life Saving GVOKE: Xeris’ Ready-to-Use Glucagon

    By Jimmy McDermott

    A new premixed, liquid glucagon coming in October in a prefilled syringe and in 2020 as an auto-injector. The second stable glucagon approved this year

    The FDA has approved GVOKE, a glucagon injection for the treatment of dangerously low blood sugar (severe hypoglycemia) in people with diabetes who are at least two years of age. Xeris Pharmaceutical’s GVOKE is room-temperature, liquid, stable glucagon that is ready-to-use in an emergency. It will first be launched in the US in a prefilled syringe, coming to pharmacies in October 2019. An EpiPen-like auto-injector, GVOKE HypoPen, will be launched at some point in 2020.

    Gvoke 2 Gvoke 2