If you are looking for an apprenticeship, click the link that follows to discover apprenticeship options by county in the state of California. Apprenticeships typically offer a program of 20 hours of paid job training, working with a mentor, coupled with approximately 20 hours of educational experiences each week. At the conclusion of an apprenticeship program, there is a high likelihood of permanent full time employment. Apprenticeship opportunities are expanding at a fast rate.

    Search for Apprenticeships here - https://www.dir.ca.gov/databases/das/aigstart.asp 

    Annoucement of Apprenticeship Opportunities


    The State of California's Chancellor's Office has partnered with Doing What MATTERS for Jobs & Economy (DWM), the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), and Technology, Reserach and Information Services (TRIS) in the rollout of tools, training, technical assistance, and funding to improve the quality, accessibility, and use of student outcomes data and labor market info for career technical education (CTE). Here is the Doing What MATTERS website - https://doingwhatmatters.cccco.edu/Home.aspx 

    California is investing $200 million annually in the Strong Workforce Program to help fill the growing demand for “middle-skill” positions that require more than a high school diploma, but not necessarily a 4-year college degree. Career Education provides a pathway to high-paying, in-demand middle-skill jobs that deliver solid career opportunities.

    This site provides good information on job needs in the region - https://valleyvision.org/ 

    RESOURCE INFO ON DIFFERENT PROGRAMS AND CAREERS (Click each for more information)

    Advanced Manufacturing: Commercial printers/screeners; Bakeries; Sign manufacturers; Wineries; Machine shops; Kitchen cabinet and countertop manufacturers; Dental laboratories; Breweries; Petroleum refineries

    Advanced Transportation Programs: Aeronautics and Flight Technology Programs; Motorcycle Maintenance Programs; Light Rail Maintenance; Railroad Operations Programs; Automotive Clean Air Car/Emissions Programs

    Agriculture: Agriculture Business; Agriculture Mechanics and Manufacturing; Animal Science, Environmental Technology and Natural Resources; Horticulture; Plant Science

    Agriculture, Water, and Environmental Technology

    Alternative Energy Programs: Wind Generation; Photo Voltaic; Biomass Technology; Energy Efficiency

    Alternative Fuel Programs: Electric, Hybrid, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Programs; Gaseous Fuels; Automotive Clean Air Care Emissions

    Automotive Technology Career

    Aviation Technology Career: Pilot; Air Traffic Controller; Airport Manager; Aviation Management; Aircraft & Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians; Flight Attendant; Airfield Operations Specialist; Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging, and Systems Assemblers

    Drone Programs: Wildfire Mapping; Agricultural monitoring; Disaster management; Thermal infrared power line surveys; Law enforcement; Weather monitoring; Aerial imaging/mapping

    Energy, Construction & Utilities: Plumbling, electrical & specialty contractors; Framing, drywall & roofing contractors; Residential remodeling and new construction; Architecture & engineering services; Flooring, glass, tile & finish contractors; and more...

    Health Care: Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, & other medical offices; Medical & surgical hospitals; Ambulatory, outpatient, home health services & facilities; HMO's; State & local hospitals; Assisted living & retirement facilities; Mental health, substance abuse, intellectual disabilities facilities; Imaging, medical labs, dialysis

    Health Careers: Find which local junior colleges offer these programs

    Homebuilding Industry: There are a wide variety of opportunities in this field - check it out!

    Information Communications Technology & Digital Media: Custom computer programming services; Computer systems design services; Wired telecommunications carriers; Commercial printing; Electronic shopping & mail-order houses; Data processing & hosting services; Software publishers; Internet publishing; Motion picture & video production, etc.

    IT Technician Pathway: Many entry-level jobs in information technology (IT) don't require a 4-year degree. Get training, get certified, and get a job.

    Logistics Programs: The process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods, including services and related information, from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

    Microgrids: Distributed Energy Resources

    Retail/Hospitality/Tourism: Full-service restaurants; Fast food & cafes; Grocery stores, markets & specialty food stores; Furniture, home centers, & household product stores; Clothing & department stores; Car, boat, RV & auto parts stores; Warehouse clubs & supercenters; Hotels, motels, RV & other accommodations; Beverage places & bars; Office, gift, pet, & used stores; Pharmacies & drug stores; Hobby, sports, & book stores; Gas stations; Food service & catering; Liquor & convenience stores

    CONSTRUCTION RELATED SCHOLARSHIPS: Lots of support for those interested in a bevy of construction related careers. Click here