• CLASS OF 2019!  

    Senior Class of 2019


    val and sal

    Woodcreek High School is proud to announce its Class of 2019 Valedictorian

    Mitchell Herbert, Salutatorian Jerry Zhang and Salutatorian Speero Tannous. CONGRATULATIONS!


    Dates, Events, Prices and Locations are subject to change, continue to check the page.

    GRADUATION CEREMONY:   Friday, May 31, 2019 at 7:00pm  (Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long)     

    • WHS Stadium ~ Gates open at 6:00 and close at 7:00pm.  Woodcreek HS does not regulate an official time for people to start lining up.
    • Parking is limited ~ Please carpool (Additional Parking in the Roseville Aquatics Parking lot & across the street at McAnally Drive & Woodcreek Oaks Blvd). There are only 9 designated Handicap parking spaces in the WHS main parking lot.
    • Graduation Individual Pictures (hand shake while receiving diploma at Graduation) Order online through LifeTouch approximately 2 weeks after graduation. Lifetouch/Prestige (916) 535-7797
    • NO alcohol, outside food, coolers/ice chests, lawn chairs/folding chairs, pop-up's, noisemakers, signs/posters and balloons. 
    • Bottled water is permitted.  Bottle Water is for sale inside the stadium while supplies last
    • Small stadium seats with back rests are allowed
    • WHS is an Alcohol and Tobacco FREE zone (including Vapor Pens & e cigarettes).
    • Please be respectful of all guests.  
    • If you have any questions regarding Graduation please email Mrs. Becker


    • Graduating Students MUST arrive by (TBA) and report to the gym; girls in small gym, boys in large gym.  Do not wear your cap/gown, bring it with you as you will be checked for appropriate attire.
    • Dress Code for Graduating Girls - No spike heels, No flip flops (Rubber/Old Navy type), No tennis/athletic shoes, No Shorts or Tank Tops, No Jeans (Girls should wear dresses, dress skirts or nice slacks with nice blouse). *Keep in mind your heel height, you will be walking on grass and to/from the gym to the stadium. If you have any questions regarding your outfit ask Mrs. Rood or Mrs. Bell during graduation practice.
    • Dress Code for Graduating Boys - No tennis/athletic shoes , No flip flops, No shorts, No tank tops, No Jeans (Boys should wear nice slacks/pants & nice shirt with collar; dress shoes w/socks are preferred and a tie is optional).
    • After Graduation Ceremony, Graduates (only) will need to pick up their actual diploma at the outside attendance office windows. Be sure to have all of your fines cleared.  You can check to see if you owe fines in Homelink or outside finance windows. If you're unable to stay and pick up your diploma, the WHS office will be open until Jun 6th.
    • NOTHING allowed on Gowns or Hats - NO writing, decorations, flowers, pins, buttons, leis or any distinguishing accessories.
    • Graduates leave your cell phone and any valuables with your family.
    • Sunglasses when seated are permitted but NOT permitted during processional or while on platform receiving diploma. 
    • Graduation Regalia and Recognition at Woodcreek High School 

    ADIMISSION & SEATING: (Admission tickets/wristbandswill be distributed to the graduates ONLY during cap/gown distribution on May 29, 2019 - there is NO charge for the 10 admissions).

    • Each graduate receives a total of 10  (4 Wristbands; on the field and 6 General Admission; in the bleachers).  ALL ADMISSIONS ARE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.  Wristbands must be used for the VIP section or Special Needs section, both on the field.  Everyone that gains access to the field either in the VIP section or Special Needs section must have a wristband. Bleacher seating is wheelchair acceaible via ramps.
    • VIP Wristbands sit behind the graduating class in a folding chair on the turf or people needing the Special Needs section must have a wristband.  (Gate entrance  near Trailee Court / Woodcreek Oaks Blvd - signs posted). One family member may choose to sit with their elderly/special needs person and must have a wristband.
    • General Admission sit in the bleachers (home side) Ticket holders enter main parking lot/ main gate - signs posted.
    • Additional tickets/wristbands are NOT available ~ Students can ask friends for extra tickets
    • All guests, except babies (1 year old or under), must have a ticket or wristband for entry
    • Wheelchair/Walker access and Handicap seating is available in the bleachers.
    • Special Needs Seating is available on the field; Anyone sitting in the special needs section on the field will need to wear a VIP wristband to sit in this section along with 1 escort if they choose, their escort must also have a VIP wristband. Wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters are allowed on the turf field to access the Special Needs section.
    • Special Needs Wristband Entrance – Visitors Side EntranceThis entrance is designated for those with special needs only and must have a wristband.  We allow only one other family member, with a wristband, to join the person that needs to sit here
    • Girls will be seated on the right and Boys will be seated on the left (their backs are to home side bleachers) View seating and Graduation setup

    MANDATORY GRADUATION PRACTICE:  Friday, May 31, 2019 (Time: 8:00am) (Practice takes approx. 2 hours)

    • Do not schedule hair appointments, lunch dates or anything else before 11:30am.
    • ALL Grads must attend the Mandatory Graduation practice to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.
    • Those that do not attend practice will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    GRADUATION SEATING - Stadium Set Up 

    GRADUATION SUPPLIES:   Cap, Gown & Tassel/ Graduation Announcements/Letterman Jackets/Class Rings

    • Order Graduation Supplies Online 
    • Customer Service Email
    • Customer Service Phone Number: (916) 989-3909
    • Our Jostens rep will be on campus in late fall to collect orders and payment. If the on campus date is missed please order online prior to 12/1/2018
    • Graduation Announcements you ordered through Jostens -Distributed on: Thursday, April 4, 2019 - Large Gym
    • Cap/Gown/Tassel you ordered through Jostens (& Graduation Tickets) Distributed on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 in the Gym during break.
    • All information can be found on their website if you need assistance paying for your order. 
    • All honor students (3.760 or higher total weighted GPA) will wear silver satin cowl. Students that have a 3.50 (total weighted GPA), met the criteria and recognized in a service or leadership organization (Student Government, Key Club, National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, Yearbook) will wear the black cord. Lists are supplied by the organization. Some students will have both.
    • Both the cowl and/or black cord will need to be returned right after graduation ceremony concludes to receive your diploma.  If you fail to return either or both, your account will be marked with a fine for the cost of either or both. You are welcome to purchase the cowl or cord before graduation. Cowl cost is $50 and the cord is $10. Please see Mrs. Becker to pay for the regalia. Graduation Regalia and Recognition at Woodcreek HS 

    SENIOR GRADUATION STAGE PICTURE: events.lifetouch.com

    SENIOR PORTRAITS:   Prestige Portraits:  7916 Alta Sunrise Drive, Citrus Heights, 95610 

    Prestige Contact: (916) 535-7797 or email Angela Steinhoff asteinhoff@lifetouch.com 

    • Schedule your appointment online  The deadline to schedule & select your Senior Portait is September 29, 2019
    • Schedule a NO Sitting Fee appointment by calling (916) 535-7797 and leave a message for someone to call you back to book your appointment. (No sitting fee appointments will only take 3 head shots and do not get to choose their portrait that will appear in the WHS Lykos Yearbook).
    • Seniors who want their senior portrait to appear in the WHS Yearbook MUST make an appointment with Prestige. You can choose any photographer take additional photos for you.
    • For questions email Angela Steinhoff, Kate Weidkamp 

    Appointments start June 1, 2019 and students MUST have an appointment scheduled by September 28, 2019.  Your in office appointment can be after October 1st but you MUST call or go online by September 28th to get your appointment set up. 


    • Each year, we conduct a Senior Graduation Survey that tells us where our seniors are headed for the next year, whether it's college, trade school, military, etc.  The results from the survey are compiled in a report and sent to the District Office.  All seniors must take the survey. Mrs. Lott will post the survey in May.

    YEARBOOK & SENIOR DEDICATION:  (Advisor at WHS:  Kate Weidkamp )

    • Yearbook Sales:  Start in August (during Wolf Pack Days) and ends early spring (March 15, 2019). EXTRA BOOKS will NOT be ordered.
    • Yearbooks will be distributed May 20, 2019 prior to Senior Picnic - for Seniors only!
    • Yearbooks can only be ordered online
    • Jostens Representative  (916) 989-3909 Bryan Durda 
    • Senior Dedication Ad ~DEADLINE is February 15, 2019
    • Senior Class 2018 Photo will be taken Monday, October 1, 2018
    • Check to see if you purchased a yearbook
    • Yearbook Price
    • Senior Signatures   (Senior Signatures will appear in the WHS Yearbook under your senior portrait. There is a table outside the office, Tuesday, September 4, 2018 through September 28, 2018 to complete your signature card. You MUST use blue or black ink, only 1 signature card will be allowed and it must be school appropriate. Signature cards will not be accepted after September 28, 2018).

    SENIOR BREAKFAST: May 31, 2019 7:30am (optional) in the WHS Cafeteria ~ Free food! 


    • Fall 2017= Monday, October 1, 2018 11:20am, Theatre & Senior Class group photo in Stadium - WEAR PINK!   

    If you are unable to attend the Senior Meeting, see Mrs. Becker in the Assistant Principal's office after the meeting date.

    SENIOR SURVIVOR: SUBJECT TO CHANGE.....Check back next year

    SENIOR AMA (Academic Merit Awards): Monday, April 29, 2019, 7:30pm, Theatre.  By invitation only. 

    SENIOR PICNIC: Monday, May 20, 2019 (late arrival). Seniors arrive to Theatre at 9:30am 

    1) Seniors arrive at 9:30am and go straight to the WHS Theatre for senior assembly and presentation.

    2) Seniors who ordered a yearbook will get them.

    3) Seniors will then walk over to the RAC with Admin

    Permission slips due May 17th to Mrs. Becker’s desk. Senior Picnic Permission slip


    SENIOR BALL:  Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Serrano Country Club 5005 Serrano Pkwy, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 (916) 933-5005.  


    GRADUATION REQUIREMENT ~ Personal Finance Course:

    • Seniors: This is a graduation requirement and you must pass with 70% or higher or you will need to retake the course.
    • Students log into Blackboard
    • Enter your First name . Last name (Example: john.smith)
    • Enter your password or Student ID#
    • Personal Finance Course is under "My Classes"

    SOBER GRAD NIGHT: This is not a Woodcreek HS sponsored event, please DO NOT contact Woodcreek High School.  Contact the SGN committee via email whs2019sobergradnite@gmail.com