•  AP Exams

    Each spring, students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses have the opportunity to take and AP examination. A passing score on this exam (a 3, 4 or 5) earns college credit at most colleges and universities. Please check the credit policy at each college or university before signing up for an exam. 

    AP teachers work throughout the course to prepare all students for the exam. WHS strongly encourages students enrolled in AP courses to plan to take at least one of their AP exams each spring. 

    RJUHSD will require that all students registered in fall and year long blocked classes register and paid for their AP exams by March 2, 2021.

    If you missed the payment deadline, please contact gsnider@rjuhsd.us to find out if you are still eligable to sign up for an exam. 

    All exams are eligible for a full refund. 

    2021 AP Examination Schedule



    9am (Online)


    1PM (Online)

    Friday, May 14


    Tuesday, May 18


    Literature (Online)


    Wednesday, May 19


    European History (Online) 


    US History (Online) 


    Macroeconomics (Online)

    Thursday, May 20


    US Government (Online) 


    Psychology (Online)

    Friday, May 21


    (in person) 


    Music Theory (in person)


    Monday, May 24


    (in person)


    Physics 50 (in person)


    Tuesday, May 25


    (in person)


    Statistics 77 (in person)


    Wednesday, May 26


    Language (online)


    Computer Science Principles (Online) 

    Thursday, May 27


    Biology (Online)


    Environmental Science (Online)

    Friday, May 28


    Human Geography (Online)


    Microeconomics (Online)