• Welcome to Oakmont IB

    Choosing a school and education pathway can be a great leap of faith. We hope that as you come to know Oakmont you find that choice an easy one to make. We are very proud of the exceptional teaching provided by our IB specialists who express a sincere love of their subject and love teaching it to inspire and develop each student’s individual (and often unsuspected) talents and interests.

    At Oakmont we have a substantial, successful and extensive range of subjects for the students to choose from. Our community service and outreach activities are a testament to how seriously the school takes its role in the local community, this allows the students to develop into young adults with a strong social conscience and a commitment to the common good.

    The IB Program is a true reflection of the diversity which we value so highly. When we put these intelligent children together they inspire one another, encourage each other, and form a positive peer group culture in which learning is celebrated.  In turn, such a concentration of talented young minds creates a wonderfully vibrant environment.

    This website is only an indication of what Oakmont can offer your son/daughter. Come and visit us in order to discover first hand just what makes Oakmont so different and so special.

    I very much look forward to welcoming you.
    Mrs Jolie Geluk