• Emergency Cards: All students are required to have a signed and completed current emergency card on file in the nurse’s office.  Students can only be released to names indicated on the emergency card. 
    Absence Procedures:  Students must bring a valid note from the parent within three days to clear an absence. This note should be written in ink and must include date note was written, first and last name of student, date and time of the total absence, reason for the absence, signature of parent or guardian and home and/or work number.  An admit will be issued by the attendance office upon receipt of the note.  An absence that is not cleared within three days will become a truancy. Forgery of a note or any other school document will result in school consequences.  Board Policy 5000 requires that students with excess of 10 absences will be required to provide a note from a doctor.   
    Absences and Makeup Work:  Any student who is absent from school for reasons other than a period or day truancy shall have an opportunity to either make up work in advance or complete missed assignments and tests after readmission (Board Policy 5121.2).  A student must present an admit to each teacher to qualify for makeup work. 
    Students shall have time that is equal to the number of days absent to complete class assignments following their readmission to school and official school verification of the following excused absences:  family emergency, illness and medical appointments.   
    Students may complete work before, during or after their readmission at the teacher’s choice of time for the following approved absences:  family/personal business, field trips, college visitation, religious holidays, court appearance and suspension.  A student who is aware in advance of an approved absence is responsible for contacting the teachers for the makeup work prior to the absence.  Makeup work is allowed following a suspension. 

    The attendance personnel will determine the category of any absence not included in the above categories. If an absence is deemed unexcused, previously assigned work is due on the original due date and any makeup work is due upon readmission. 
    Teachers may designate certain assignments as “long-term projects” which shall be submitted on the assigned due date regardless of students being absent.  All written materials must be submitted by the required due date.  However, oral presentations will be subject to the same makeup provision as for regular assignments.  Long-term projects are those assignments which exceed a three week period, have written requirements 
    provided to the students and an established due date. 
    Teachers have the discretion of extending the due dates for makeup work.  A parent may call the attendance office to request schoolwork if a student will be absent three or more days.  A student or parent may file a petition with the school absentee grading review team when there is an extenuating reason that should provide the student more makeup time. 

    Closed Campus: Roseville High School has a closed campus. Students must remain on the school grounds from the time of arrival in the morning, until departure after school, including lunch periods. Any violation of this policy will result in Saturday School, On-Campus Suspension or Suspension.  No students are permitted in the parking lot during the school day except by special permission of the office.   
    Permission to Leave the Campus:  Prior to leaving campus students must be obtain a Special Pass from the office.  SPECIALS may be obtained from the attendance office or the nurse’s office.  Permission must be granted by a parent, guardian or person indicated on the emergency card.  Failure to secure a SPECIAL prior to leaving will result in a truancy and school consequences. 
    Lunch Pass:  Students must walk home in order to qualify for a lunch pass.  Students must reapply for a lunch pass each year at the student services window. Failure to follow the guidelines on the application will result in the termination of the lunch pass. 
    Truancy Policy:  A truancy is an absence unauthorized by school or parent, an unauthorized departure from class, or a failure to clear absences within 3 days.  No make-up work is allowed.  A student with 3 or more unauthorized absences will be declared habitually truant.  Habitually truant students will receive disciplinary consequences that may include:  Saturday School, suspension, Letter of Conditional Enrollment or Administrative Transfer.  Students may also be referred to Placer County Student Attendance Mediation Board (SAM) and/or law enforcement for a citation.   

    Tardiness: Students are expected to be punctual and in their assigned seat ready to  work before the tardy bell sounds.  
    This is a school-wide minimum standard. 
    Tardy policy per period by 9 week grading period: 
    1st Tardy     Student will receive a warning.  
    2nd Tardy   Teacher action, parent contact by teacher 
    3rd Tardy    Teacher action, parent contact by teacher 
    4th Tardy    Referral for Saturday School or Suspension. 
    Subsequent Tardies Suspension  

    Students with 10 or more total tardies will result in placement on Student Conduct.  
    18-Year-Old-Waiver: Students who are 18 years old change their legal status by signing the Notification of Legal Status of Eighteen-Year-Old Student form.  Students may obtain the form from their Assistant Principal before school.