• Referrals to Wellness

    Wellness Centers have five focus areas to help students better access the academic curriculum: Attendance Support, Substance Use Prevention and Intervention, Community Resources, Assessment and Referral and Mental Health Services. 

    Referrals for Wellness Center supports are prioritized based on need and the student/family's ability to access resources outside of school. Parents and students in need of mental health services who have health insurance or the ability to pay for services may be directed to their primary care physician or insurance provider to access care.  

    To access Wellness supports, students work with their school counselor to identify areas of need and their counselor may refer them to Wellness.  The referral is reviewed by a Wellness Coordinator and the student is paired with the appropriate services. 

    ADMINISTRATORS and TEACHERS can also refer students to Wellness by notifying the student's counselor of their concerns and information the student may have shared.  

    STUDENTS may speak with their counselor for a referral to Wellness if they are in need of additional supports. 

    PARENTS can also refer their student to the Wellness Center by speaking with their students counselor.