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    Greetings Woodcreek Timberwolf parents!

    On behalf of Woodcreek High School Timberwolf Boosters, we would like to thank you for supporting our sports, arts, and academic Sub-Clubs. 

    Woodcreek High School Timberwolf Boosters is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized for charitable purposes and not for the private gain of any person. Our primary purpose is to involve the parents of students, local businesses, community members, and organizations in the support and encouragement of athletics, instructional programs and extracurricular activities at WHS.  Our goal is to support WHS by sponsoring fundraising events, distributing funds, volunteering our time and skills, and supporting designated activities.

    Woodcreek Timberwolf Boosters is funded by various sources like … 

    • Membership

    HOW WE SUPPORT WOODCREEK HIGH SCHOOL: Over the last few years, Woodcreek Timberwolf Boosters has contributed the following towards campus improvements …

    • $5000 towards lighting in the Theatre
    • $5000 towards scoreboard in the Gym
    • $5000 towards scoreboard in teh Stadium
    • $2700 towards two automated external defibrillator (AED) devices


    Other contributions include …
    Funding concussion testing for student athletes
    Sponsoring Booster Scholarship for outgoing Seniors who have a 2.0 GPA (or better) and have volunteered at least 10 hours at Booster functions

    • Sponsoring annual Sober Grad Night which is coordinated and facilitated entirely by parent volunteers

    STUDENTS BENEFIT FROM OUR SUPPORT:  We have a variety of sports, arts, and academic activities for your student to participate throughout the school year.  To receive more information about these activities or how parents can lend a helping hand, please feel free to contact any of our Sub-Club parent representatives.

    You can also monitor Booster activity by joining our Facebook group or following us on Instagram.

    FUNDRAISING:  If you are a business that would like to present a fundraising opportunity or distribute information, please (1) attend one of our upcoming Booster meetings OR (2) drop off your information to the WHS front desk and ask it to be added to the Boosters mailbox.  

    If you have any questions regarding Woodcreek High School Timberwolf Boosters, please feel free to send us an email as woodcreekboosters@gmail.com.  


    Booster's Contact list 2018-2019  



    Cynthia Mastro cynthia.mastro@vsp.com  Booster President 

    Lori Ann Donnell ldonnell@rjuhsd.us  Assistant Principal - Athletics (916) 771-6565 ext 4011
    Grant Guensler gguensler@rjuhsd.us  Athletic Director (916) 771-6565 ext 4236