• SAT/ACT Preparation Workshops

    Fall Workshops begin September 12, 2023

    See the attached flyer for a detailed list of available test prep options.

    For more information on specific dates, times, and costs, visit www.granitebaytestprep.com

    For information on other free or paid preparation services, see the attached flyer below or contact Teri Keeney in the College and Career Center.



    David Tastor (English): 916-284-1279 / Scott Becker (Math): 916-847-7419

    granitebaytestprep.com / rocklintestprep.com

    One workshop to prepare for both SAT & ACT tests!

    While some schools have gone test-optional for admissions many schools and financial aid/scholarship programs still require a test score. 

    Financial aid awards at a select number of schools will still depend on test scores and GPA.


    Free ACT test prep - https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/test-preparation/free-act-test-prep.html

    SAT and ACT Policies and Score Ranges for Popular Colleges and Universities

    College Profiles including admissions profiles  

    For the latest information on ACT tests during COVID-19 and school closures, please visit the ACT website.  ACT.org  



    Last updated 5/10/23