• Acceptable Use Agreement

    All students must read, acknowledge, and sign the district’s Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement every year.  This document provides information about students' privileges and responsibilities in using technology throughout our district.  Any misuse of the referenced guidelines may result in revocation of a student’s access to District technology and/or discipline, up to and including suspension or expulsion. (click here)

    Chromebook Contract

    As part of the new Digital Equity initiative, designated students will be provided with a new Chromebook to be used throughout the student’s entire career here in the district.  All eligible students and parents must sign the RJUHSD Chromebook Contract to receive a district-issued Chromebook. (click here)

    Chromebook Purchase Program

    We are pleased to offer graduating seniors the opportunity to purchase their assigned Chromebook devices. This initiative allows students to retain their devices upon exiting RJUHSD. (click here)

    Chromebook Repair

    District-issued Chromebooks are considered instructional materials; therefore, the same board policy regarding lost and damaged textbooks will apply to all Chromebooks issued for student use under the Digital Equity initiative.  Please complete the Student Chromebook Problem Form if a student Chromebook is defective, damaged, or requires repair and deliver the form and damaged Chromebook to your site librarian, who will facilitate the repair and issue a loaner device. (click here)


    There is an optional insurance plan for all students who have been issued a Chromebook.  If you choose to enroll in this optional plan, please complete and turn in the RJUHSD Chromebook Protection Plan form. (click here)

    Printing from a Chromebook

    Digital file sharing is one of the advantages of Chromebooks, and it is an easy and efficient way to distribute and turn in assignments without printing, saving on paper, toner, and hardware costs. However, the District understands that there will be times when certain forms and assignments will require printing; therefore, all students are given a certain amount to print at the beginning of the year. Once the limit has been reached, the District will charge 7 cents for color print jobs and 3 cents for black and white.  Please read the documentation for instructions on how to print from a Chromebook. (click here)

Last Modified on March 8, 2024