Questions to Ask When You Visit College Campuses

    The importance of visits to your prospective colleges cannot be overemphasized. Junior year is an excellent time to visit college campuses! If you are not able to visit a college campus, make sure you head to their website and check out any "virtual" tours they have available.

    How to Make a Visit
    Contact the admissions office several weeks ahead of time (by phone or email). Many colleges allow you to book a tour/campus visit online via their website (typically under the "Undergraduate Admissions" or "Visit" tabs).

    Things to Consider:

    • Research the college. It is always useful to know some specifics about the school ahead of time. It can help focus on what you want to learn about the college and can facilitate good questions.

    • Find out the average GPA for entering freshmen.

    • Ask if they have an Honors program and the criteria used to place students in that program. Students in Honors programs often have priority registration and housing. Their class sizes are sometimes much smaller and are taught by their top professors.

    • Check out extracurricular activities or sports that match your interests.

    • Visit the Career Center. Find out information regarding companies that recruit there and general information about job placement after graduation.

    • Visit the Financial Aid Office. Find out information about scholarships and the percentage of students receiving financial aid.