2019-2020 ACT & SAT Information Sheet
    Comparing ACT to SAT

    Most four-year colleges in the United States require either the ACT or SAT for use in their evaluations of applicants for admission. Students usually take the test in the spring of their Junior year and again in the fall of their Senior year. Click here to see which UCs recommend/require certain SAT Subject Tests for particular majors.

    2019-2020 SAT/ACT TEST DATES:
    IMPORTANT: On all test dates (SAT & ACT), arrive on campus by 7:40am. Find your name on the Room Assignment Rosters at the front office and wait to be dismissed to the correct room. You must have your Admission Ticket and a valid photo ID.
    *offered at Woodcreek High School

    August 24th (Register by July 26th)
    *October 5th (Register by Sept. 6th)
    November 2nd (Register by Oct. 3rd)
    *December 7th (Register by Nov. 8th)
    March 14th (Register by Feb. 14th)
    *May 2nd (Register by Apr. 3rd)
    June 6th (Register by May 8th)

    September 14th (Register by Aug. 16th)
    *October 26th (Register by Sept. 20th)

    December 14th (Register by Nov. 8th)
    February 8th (Register by Jan. 10th)
    April 4th (Register by Feb. 28th)
    June 13th (Register by May 8th)
    July 18th (Register by June 19th)

    You must register online for both ACT and SAT tests.
    ACT: www.actstudent.org/start
    SAT: www.sat.collegeboard.org

    You have the option to send up to four score reports at no additional charge. More score reports can be added for an additional fee. Scores sent after the testing date will be charged separate fees. Universities use your best scores in admissions decisions, so we recommend sending all scores to selected schools at the time of test registration. To save money and maximize your four free score reports, you can:

    • Send SAT scores to one CSU and they will be available to all CSU schools

    • Send SAT scores to one UC and they will be available to all UC schools

    • Use the code 9999 to send SAT scores to the NCAA (for athletic eligibility) 

    SAT & ACT Test Prep Handout
    FREE Prep & Practice Test online at Khan Academy

    Granite Bay & Rocklin Test Prep by GBHS teachers