To encourage and promote academic excellence, all students participating in extracurricular activities shall demonstrate satisfactory minimum progress in meeting the requirements of graduation by undertaking the prescribed course of study and meeting the standards of proficiency established by the District.


    • Must have earned an overall minimum 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 unweighted grading scale during the preceding grading period. No more than 1 F is permitted.
    • Students must be taking a minimum of three classes, which they must pass in order to be eligible on the 4x4 schedule.
    Grading and Eligibility Periods
    • Grading periods end on September 4, October 9,  November 6,  December 18,  February 5,  March 12,  April 23, and May 27. 
    • Grade Eligibility period begins on June 1, September 14,  October 19,  November 16,  January 11, February 16,  March 22,  May 3 and May 29.