Marketing, Sales, and Service



    Business Entrepreneurship

  • Teacher: Paul Hayes
    Phone: 916-771-6565 x4127
    Room: 127

    Industry Sector: Marketing, Sales, and Service
    Pathway: Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment


    Program Description

    The Entrepreneurship Program of Study in the Business & Technology department is designed to give the students an in depth look at the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to be an effective entrepreneur.  In addition, students interested in pursuing a career in business other than entrepreneurship will be provided access to the necessary skills to be successful in the world of business.  Coursework and other activities, including marketing to real-world clients and interaction with local business owners, are all designed to give the students a comprehensive look into running a business.


    Sequence of Classes

    Introductory Course - Principles of Business
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)


    Principles of Business provides an introductory look into the world of business and a solid foundation on which to grow in many areas of the business world. In addition, the course provides an understanding of the business practices and procedures important to everyone as a citizen and a consumer. Topics covered include budgeting, credit, banking and finance, insurance, stock market, consumerism, international business, business ethics, taxes, personal record keeping, investments and career exploration. Guest speakers from the community also enhance the curriculum. If you have an interest in any business-related field or just want to be prepared as a consumer in our global economy then this class is for you.


    Concentrator Course - Sports & Entertainment Marketing
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)


    This course will provide students with an inside look at the world of sports and entertainment marketing. Students will learn the marketing basics applicable to all businesses and then focus on the sports and entertainment industries. Marketing of high school, college and professional athletic events will be dissected and used as examples of both successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns. In addition, the entertainment industry from movies to theatre will be explored for its rich marketing history. The marketing techniques learned in this course will give students a solid foundation to put to use in their own business exploits or to continue their education in college and beyond in the field of marketing.  In addition, our Sports and Entertainment Marketing class will serve as an in-house marketing department for our various athletic, performing arts and school programs. We will handle various promotional and marketing responsibilities.  Moreover, the marketing of athletic events will include live broadcasts of sporting events through a partnership with the NFHS Network.  Students can apply for paid positions as cameramen and on air broadcasters.


    Capstone Course - Empowering Entrepreneurs 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)

    Do you want to be your own boss? Own your own business? Don't wait! Take Empowering Entrepreneurs and learn how to start your own business now! This course is designed to feed the entrepreneurial spirit among high school students through a project- based learning approach. Any student who is an aspiring entrepreneur or just interested in learning more about the business world will enjoy all aspects of the course. Units covered include Forms of Business Ownership, Financial Management, Technology and Communications Systems, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and the Social and Ethical Environment of Business. Students will be involved in research, interviews, job shadowing, studies of local businesses and the development of a business plan to improve an existing business or start a new business from the ground up. At the completion of Empowering Entrepreneurs students will successfully apply concepts regarding the human characteristics (collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking) vital for entrepreneurial thinking in a 21st century global world. 


    Program Outcomes

    • Understanding of Business from both a business owner and consumer point of view
    • Real world business opportunities with clients both inside and outside the school community
    • A comprehensive Business Plan upon completion that is vetted by the local business community

     Program Accomplishments

    • Students have applied for patents on products developed in the course
    • Students have received scholarships based on their Business Plans developed in the course.