Technology Services

The RJUHSD Technology Department would like to remind everyone of their options in submitting a technology support request so that we may continue to help facilitate your technology needs.

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    Click to submit a ticket
    You can log into our Freshdesk ticketing system to generate and track technology requests here From the homepage select Login, then select Login using Google. From there you can utilize your district-provided Google account to log in.
  •            Click to email

    Click to email

    When you email, a ticket is automatically generated in the Freshdesk ticketing system using your district email credentials.  Once created, your ticket will be assigned to the appropriate technology representative to assist you in your request.  Everything is logged and tracked, and you will continuously be updated throughout the process. 

  • For urgent needs, calling x1234 is a good way to obtain immediate assistance. In calling the helpdesk, if you are routed to voicemail, it is due to higher call volume and our technology representative is assisting another staff member. If this happens, leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

    In order for us to better support your technology needs, please let us know when you are having technical issues. No problem is ever too small to address.