• Tips to improve Study Habits
    Students and parents are encouraged to monitor progress and grades via "Home Link."  Information on Home Link can be found at http://homelink.rjuhsd.us.
    Use a daily planner or maintain a daily assignment sheet.  This can be kept in the front of a binder and serves as a single, visual reminder of work that needs to be completed.  If you are unsure about recording assignments correctly, ask your teacher to initial the planner daily to verify assignments. 
    Establish a regular homework time (preferably shortly after school or early in the evening).  This develops a routine and reinforces good work habits.  Even if there is no homework due the next day, this designated time can be used to study for upcoming tests or work on long-term projects!
    Set specific study goals.  Make a realistic check list of what you need to accomplish.  Tackle difficult subjects first; then "reward" yourself by working on easier subjects.  Be sure to finish one assignment before moving on to the next.
    See your teacher during intervention!
    Try using the Khan Academy  (https://www.khanacademy.org) for video tutorials and micro-lectures.