•  Woodcreek High School Parking Lot

    WHS is a tabaco & alcohol FREE zone 

    Do NOT park in the Bus Loading Zone! 

    Rules & Regulations

    1. The WHS parking lot is subject to the same laws governing the roads and highways. 
    2. Any law enforcement officer or school district official is authorized to patrol and cite, if necessary.
    3. Speed limit in parking lot is 5 mph.  No cruising or loud music allowed on school grounds.
    4. Students must park their cars immediately upon arrival.  Once parked students must leave the parking lot.  LOITERING IN THE PARKING LOT WILL NOT BE PERMITTED!
    5. Our campus is a closed campus. Students should not leave until the end of their school day.  Driving off campus without permission may result in suspension.
    6. The parking lot is off limits during school hours.  Cars may not be “visited” during the day (including lunch periods) without special permission and a pass from the office.
    7. Any driver found to be driving in a negligent or erratic manner on or about school property may be cited by the school resource officer and/ or suspension.
    1. Students must park in designated parking areas.  Parking in non-designated areas, including red curbs, islands, grass/sidewalks, staff/visitor parking, blacktop behind the school, traffic lanes blocking the flow of traffic in any way, fire lanes and handicap areas, may result in suspension, and/or a vehicle citation.
    2. Students are not allowed to park in Staff or Visitors Parking.
    3. Student should not park in residential areas requiring a permit.   
    4. All cars may be subject to search.
    5. Leving vechicles overnight in the WHS parking is not permitted.
    6. Park at your own risk; WHS not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles.
    7. Lock your vehicle do NOT leave valuables in plain view. 
    8. Parents - do NOT leave children/pets unattended in vehciles 
    9. All liter MUST be dispensed in trash cans.
    11. Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.