• Community Resource List


    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

    (916) 454-1100


    California Youth Crises Line (confidential assistance for children who have run away or those considering running away.  24-hour youth hotline).

    (800) 843-5200


    Crises Center Hotline Contra Costa/Walnut Creek

    (800) 833-2900


    Crises - Placer County Child & Adult Center EMERGENCY SERVICES 

    (530) 886-5401


    DRUG TEST YOUR TEEN www.drugtestyourteen.com 


    Full Circle Treatment Center – Adolescent drug and alcohol treatment including assessment and intervention counseling intensive adolescent outpatient program,  education about the disease of chemical dependency, parenting education, family educationtherapy and support, aftercare.  
    730 Sunrise Ave #250, Roseville, Ca 95661.  

    (916) 787-4357


    Homeless – (The Roseville Salvation Army can help with food boxes and utility bills.  Showers available).

    (916) 784-3233


    Kids First – (Parenting classes & Co-Parenting classes)



    Mental Health – (Placer County Mental Health, 24 hour crises hotline, depression, suicidal thoughts, bi-polar, support groups)

    (916) 787-8860 (adults only)

    (916) 872-6549 (children only)

    (916) 787-8860 (after 10pm)


    Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

    (888) 423-3428


    National Sexually Transmitted Disease Hotline

    (800) 227-8922


    New Dawn Recovery Centers – (Alcohol Rehabilitation.  Located in Citrus Heights)    

    (916) 723-4335


    Parent Project –  (Award winning parenting skill building program from families with strong-willed youth or defiant teenagers)  

    (800) 372-8886


    Placer County Coalition for Youth:  Founded in 2008, the Coalition for Placer Youth is a grassroots organization that empowers the community to work on reducing substance abuse among youth. More information >>


    Click here for Teen Pledge Pocket Resource Card  >>



    Placer Network of Care http://placer.networkofcare.org/  (Wellness and Behavioral Health. Substance abuse counseling available).
    Recovery Happens  The compassionate and understanding multidisciplinary team at Recovery Happens Counseling Services specialize in the outpatient and CD-IOP treatment of adolescents, young adults and adults with addiction and mental health issues. http://recoveryhappens.com  $5 Drug Kits


    Roseville Police Activities League (RPAL)- (A non-profit organization providing relationship building recreational and educational activities with police officers.  For young people ages 8-18.) 

    Located directly behind the Roseville Police Department at 100 Corporation Yard, Roseville, CA.

    (916) 772-7725


    Runaway Hotline (24-hour)

    (800) 786-2929


    Sierra Family Services - (Anger Management, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco – Counseling residential and outpatient treatment, drug testing, AA and NA meetings).


    (916) 783-5207


    Smokers Hotline

    (800) 662-8887


    Stand Up Placer - (Stand Against Violence)

    Phone: (530) 823-6224


    CRISIS LINE: (800) 575-5352


    700 Sunrise Ave., Suite N

    Roseville, CA 95661


    11985 Heritage Oaks, Suite 200

    Auburn, CA 95603



    Suicide Prevention Crises Line- (24 hour crises and prevention line).

    (916) 773-3111