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    For questions about District van usage, refer to Administrative Regulation 3542.4.
    Administrators Only: Verify that a person is qualified to drive a district van at
    P:/DO/Business/Transportation/Van Information/VAN DRIVERS_Approved.xlsx 

    Training for New Van Drivers

    To become a District van driver, complete the following:
    Step 1 ~ A) GO TO a local DMV office to obtain your H6 (10-year) driving history (a $5.00 charge).
                  B) Take your H6 driver history to Transportation for approval.
    Step 2 ~ A) Once approved by the Transportation Department director,
                      you will need to take the online Defensive Driver Course.  Make sure your computer is set up correctly to access the online course:

    System Requirements:
    To operate the Defensive Driver Online Training, please ensure that you meet the following system requirements:

    • Web Browser (Microsoft Explorer preferred, not required)
    • Adobe Products:
    • Flash Player (latest version required)
    • Acrobat Reader (version 8 or newer)
    • Free download versions of the Adobe products can be found at www.adobe.com
    • Disable Pop-Up Blockers 
    • Enable Cookies

    To begin the Online Defensive Drivers Training, Ctrl+click on to the following link:


                               NOTE:   If you experience problems with the program while taking the course, contact DGS directly:
                                              Michele Stiger at (916) 367-5308 or Michele.stiger@dgs.ca.gov
                   B) Print the certificate. 
    Step 3 ~ Visit Transportation to turn in your training certificate.
    When all original documents are received and approved by the Transportation Department director, your name will be posted to the District van list.
    NOTE: All volunteers must have DOJ/FBI fingerprint and TB clearance per Administrative Regulation 1240. This process starts at the school site by submitting a completed volunteer application to the school. 


    The Transportation Department does not supply site vans with paperwork. Print the forms below to stock your clipboards.

          UPDATED 10/5/17! Van Driver Combined Checkout (Inspection) & Mileage Sheet - a 2-sided form
          Van Request Form - Click here 
          Vehicle Repair Request Form - USE INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY! An email dialog box will open when you click to submit by email. Click here for the form

    Inspection Tips

    Print and keep the following tips with your Inspection Forms on the van clipboard:
    In spite of your best pre-trip planning efforts, breakdowns can still occur. Know District emergency breakdown procedures BEFORE you need them.
    Click here for instructions.

    Fueling Locations

    Updated 10/18/17