• Antelope High School Library Mission Statement

    The Antelope High School Library strives to foster a positive school culture and sense of community by placing students at the center of everything we do. Through our equitable library services and programming, we

    • establish a “sense” of place for students to interact, communicate, and collaborate with one another,
    • forge key relationships and partnerships with teachers to plan and deliver meaningful instruction,   
    • create inclusive collections that celebrate diverse experiences in order to inspire the reading lives of students and staff,
    • enable students’ beliefs in their own ability to seek and use information successfully,
    • contribute to students’ rigorous application of skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary for thriving in today’s global society, and
    • empower students to practice intellectual freedom, explore, innovate, and take risks in order to develop the skills necessary to be college and career ready and self-directed, lifelong learners.