• Teen Resume-A guide specifically created for teens with limited work experience, who are looking to create a robust and attention-grabbing resume 

    Top Skills on a Resume-Find out the most in-demand capabilities employers seek in candidates today while learning how to polish this key section of the resume

    Resume Templates-A convenient compilation of free MS Word templates to download, edit and customize as needed

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    The Resume

    A resume is a brief description of your previous education, work experience, and relevant information.

    The purpose of a resume is:

    • To introduce you to an employer
    • To serve as an example of how you think and express yourself
    • To catalog skills, experience, training and achievements

    Remember your main objective is to include:

    • Name, address, city, state, zip, phone number with area code, e-mail address, fax number
    • Honors, awards, fellowships and scholarships
    • Licenses and certificates
    • Memberships and activities, including leadership positions
    • Special skills, such as computer knowledge and foreign languages
    • Job history listed with most recent job first
    • Previous job experience to include: title of position, name and address of employer, beginning and ending dates, job description and responsibilities
    • Education with most recent or current school first, including degree, name of high school or college, address, major and graduation date

    Presenting the information

    • Create a scannable resume using white paper, standard fonts, and dark type
    • Put most important information at the top of the page
    • Be creative and professional
    • Use active verbs like initiated, designed, supervised and developed
    • Use past tense to describe former jobs and present tense to describe current jobs
    • Spell everything out.  Do not use abbreviations or acronyms.
    • Present candidates credentials in a positive manner
    • Tailor the resume to the kind of job you are looking for
    • Have someone proofread your resume

    Qualities of a good resume            

    • Easy to read, concise
    • Professional.  Use a typewriter or computer to print your resume, making sure copies are neat and clean.  Mail your resume in good condition preferably in a large envelope.
    • Emphasize key points or expressions by using bold type or underline

    Mistakes to avoid

    • Too short, too long (preferred length is one page)
    • Misspellings, typographical errors, poor grammar
    • Irrelevant information-height, weight, gender, marital status
    • Disorganization, too wordy and vague; important qualifications should stand out
    • Italics, underline, shadow or reverse type, vertical and horizontal lines, graphics or boxes


    Visit Google Resume Templates

    Job (School to Work)


    Obtain a job that will provide an income that will support the needs of the student.  Possible room for advancement, management and/or ownership of the business.


    • Create a resume (indeed.com option)

    • Give yourself ample time to complete the application - check for misspellings!

    • Practice Job Interview questions (indeed.com has excellent resources)

    • Every job has different requirements, applications - read them carefully and make sure you ask the potential employer

    • Transcript as proof of high school graduation

    • Contact your college and career technician for job opportunities and resume support

    • Create a budget: