• **Effective for the 2024-2025 school year**
    The annual bus pass fee will remain $75.00 / semester pass will be $40.00
    In the attempt to  provide a safe environment on our school buses, the following  requirements will be enforced:
    Students must have an approved bus pass application on file for transportation each new school year. 
    Registered students are required to have a valid bus pass to show the driver prior to boarding each way. 
    Only assigned bus routes and stops may be used. 
    No exceptions.  
    Eligibility for school bus transportation requires the following:
    • A completed bus pass application for the appropriate school year must be received at transportation.
    • The student's primary residence is within a service area for their home school. 
    • Bus pass payment received - $75 for an annual pass/ $40 for a semester pass   Credit or debt payments are accepted through Titan only.  Cash may be accepted at the transportation office only.  Please do not submit cash payment to the driver. In order to determine and receive free transportation and other services, students/families must complete the student benefit form available through the food services department.  Transportation will not view or intake any income documents for verification. 


    The following are not eligible for school bus transportation:

    • Service outside of a student's home school boundaries, including but limited to inter/intra-district transfers and IB programs
    • The students' primary residence is located within a 3-mile walking path
    • Students that do not have an approved bus pass on file for the appropriate school year
    • Students who fail to adhere to all safety rules and regulations

    Bus Pass FAQ - Start here for answers to most of your questions!!! 

     Includes Student Conduct (Rules & Regs).
    Review with your student before applying. 
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    Download and complete application - email to buspass@rjuhsd.us
    Include the student's name in the subject line. No payment will be accepted at this time.
    Bus Pass Application (English)
            Bus Pass Application (Spanish)
            Bus Pass Application (Russian)
    ~ Bring Completed Application to Transportation Office
        RJUHSD Transportation
        129 Berry St.
        Roseville, CA  95678

    Transportation will be changing the application process slightly.  Applications may be submitted on-line (preferred method) or in-person at the Transportation office at 129 Berry Street. Once the application is approved, a confirmation email along with an invoice for the required annual or semester fee, will be sent.  Payments must be made through Titan. All credit or ATM cards payments must be submitted through Titan. Cash only payments can be made in-person during regular business hours.

    School sites  no longer sell replacement passes and1-way tickets or distribute bus passes. Replacement passes are purchased through Transportation. School bus drivers will distribute passes to their students. Students must have an approved application in order to ride the bus. They are only be permitted to ride their assigned bus route and may not ride to different locations other than their assigned stop.  

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    Please note that video surveillance cameras are used on district buses and may be recording all actions and all statements at all times. Boarding the bus is consent to audio and video recording.
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    Updated 5/24/21