2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR 

    Bus Pass FAQ - Start here for answers to most of your questions!!! 

       Includes Student Conduct (Rules & Regs).
       Review with your student before applying. 

    Routes - Route will be posted once busing has been determined.

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    Download and complete application - send to buspass@rjuhsd.us
             Email application.  Include student name is subject line. 
             No payment will be accepted at this time.
            Bus Pass Application  
    ~ Apply via US Mail 
        RJUHSD Transportation
        129 Berry St.
        Roseville, CA  95678
    No Payment will be accepted at this time.
    Submit application if you qualify for free transportation
    If qualified for FREE on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program or other designated program, and no payment is due, submit a Bus Pass Application. Email to buspass@rjuhsd.us.
                Adobe Acrobat required to view.
     Get Adobe Reader
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    Free and reduced price bus pass fees are based on the same federal guidelines as the Free and Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP). You must first be approved for FRLP to qualify for free/reduced fee transportation. Refer to the Food Services webpage for instructions on how to apply for FRLP.
    Food Services webpage: http://rjuhsd.us/domain/17
    USDA website for income eligibility guidelines: http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/Governance/notices/iegs/IEGs.htm
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    Please note that video surveillance cameras are used on district buses and may be recording all actions and all statements at all times. Boarding the bus is consent to audio and video recording.
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    Updated 6/3/20