• As we continue into our 10th year as a high school, we are working to make sure we practice safe driving practices at and around school. To that end, we are working on improving our traffic safety this year by doing the following: 

    • Repainting our fire lane curbing at the front of the school. 
    • Installing a speed bump between the aquatic center and high school. 
    • Repainting the directional arrows in the front roundabout. 
    • Working with CHP on increasing the saturation patrols before and after school. 
    • Curbing speeding by increasing traffic safety awareness with our students. 
    • Working with CHP and Sacramento County on new signage on Titan Drive and Palmerson Drive. 
    • And more to come!!!

    Resources for Safe Driving: 

    Start Smart: This program is aimed at helping newly licensed or soon to be licensed teenage drivers (15-19) become more aware of the responsibilities that accompany the privilege fo being a licensed California driver. The newly licensed teenage driver and their parents/guardians are invited to attend and participate in a free 2 hour long Start Smart class usually hosted at a local California Highway Patrol (CHP) office. 

    Here is the link for more information. 

    Impact Teen Drivers: This non-profit programmed is aimed at teen driving safety through education that confronts the dangers of unsafe driving and distracted driving. This program has many resources available for teens and parents to educate teens on safe driving practices. Please go to this link for more information.