• WiFi Acces for current WHS Students & Staff
    1.  Under the wifi menu and choose WHS-BYOD as their network.
    2. The password is whstimberwolves
    3. You will be direted to an authentication page, you will need to login
    4. Fist Name . Last Name
    5. Password: Use current password
    * If you are a presenter and need WiFi access please contact the front desk at least two days prior to your scheduled presentation to arrange for login credentials. (916) 771-6565 ext 4002
    AERIES Mobile App (correct version) 
    WHS  Website"App"
    Woodcreek High School utilizes our website software provider's mobile version of the website to replicate an "app" for mobile devices.  You can see a version of this on your computer by clicking on this URL: http://www.woodcreekhigh.com/site/mobile/
    On your mobile device, visit www.woodcreekhigh.com.  The mobile version of the website, which functions very much like an app would, should appear.  You can bookmark this to the Home Screen (on iOS, "Add to Home Screen") and you'll have an "app" on your phone for Woodcreek High School.  Using this feature saves us money and always ensures that the most up to date Timberwolves information is available to you where ever you are!