• Schoolwide Areas of Strengths

    In addtion to areas of growth, each group listed below reviewed the WASC self-study report and compiled a list of areas of strength for Woodcreek High School.

    · Shift to common (horizontal alignment) curriculum across school
    · Increased dialogue with staff to guide school
    · Academic culture (increase/improvement)
    · Allocation of resources based on data
    · Communication with parents
    · Examination of student achievement data
    · Student engagement
    · Emerging intervention
    · School spirit
    · Safe School


    · Teacher commitment to student success
    · Belief that ALL students can/will learn at high levels
    · Increase in number of students taking advanced electives
    · Collaboration between staff
    · Emerging intervention strategies
    · On-going teacher training for PLC’s and Advanced Placement
    · Use of data and student achievement to drive decisions
    · Variety of opportunities for students to engage at school
    · Greater service and connection to community
    · Improved structures/processes to support learning
    · Improved student behavior – trash, tardy, conflict


    · WHS freshman mentors
    · Selected parent participation
    · Emerging academic culture
    · Student involvement in clubs and sports
    · Communication with parents (e-mail, text, auto dialer)
    · Review of student achievement data
    · School spirit
    · Strong teacher leadership