Oakmont ELD Program

ELD Circle Implementation

ELD Classes

  • ELD 1

    ELD 1

    Students in ELD 1 learn to use English for immediate needs and begin to understand and use academic vocabulary and other features of academic language. Students enter this class with limited English skills and exit with basic communication skills in social and academic context. Prerequisite: CELDT levels 1 & 2

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  • ELD 2

    ELD 2

    Students in ELD 2 learn a greater variety of vocabulary and linguistic structures applying their language skills in more sophisticated ways. Students in this class increasingly engage in using the English language in more complex, cognitively demanding situations. They leave this class able to use English to learn and communicate about a range of topics and academic content areas.

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  • ELD 3

    ELD 3

    Students in ELD 3 continue to learn and apply a range of high level English language skills, including comprehension and production of highly technical texts. Students leave this class able to communicate effectively with various audiences on a wide range of familiar and new topics to meet academic demands in a variety of disciplines.

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  • English Lab SDAIE

    English Lab SDAIE

    This course is designed for students who require support in developing English language art skills. This course previews and reviews content and skills taught in the college-prep English curriculum. Students are provided with additional instruction in English language and learning strategies that will support their success in all courses.

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